Amy Osaba Flower Workshop

The fabulous team over at Amy Osaba Floral and Event Design treated us to a peek inside their recent workshop experience.  If you have a passion for florals, the Amy Osaba Flower Workshop is the perfect place to expand your floral knowledge and simply have an unforgettable few days.  More workshop opportunities are planned for November and February, so stay tuned for more information!

Blog Collage-1413344122494P I N this to pinterestBlog Collage-1413344163965P I N this to pinterestAmyOsaba-Dinner28P I N this to pinterestThe workshop started off with a welcome dinner hosted in the Amy Osaba studio. The AO team (Amy, Meredith, and Mary) constructed a wave of hanging greens above the 16th foot communal table. Not only were the attendees invited but some of the vendors so all could mingle about the upcoming days. Sun In My Belly created the most lovely dinner and cocktails and would later provide lunches. Julia Sirb of Ink and Honey graciously made menus and place cards for the night.

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Day one was for learning about bridal party. We covered the basics like creating flower halos, boutonnieres, and then made our way to the ultimate goal: a large and wild bouquet! Flowers varied from delicate sweet pea to heartier pieces like branches of pomegranates. With any flower designing Amy does, she makes it a point to create a lot of depth and texture. Layering softer pieces with more rigid pieces makes for a more aesthetically appealing piece though we do love a bouquet solely of Pieris or Hellebores! Some attendees had a lot of experience with this style and some had little to none. We were absolutely BLOWN away by their uniqueness and how quickly they were able to work in a less controlled method. One of the reasons we absolutely love being able to create more lose and organic pieces is the flowers get to fall how they naturally would. They can dance, they can fall, they can be compressed…flowers are a lot more workable than people think. We choose to let them dance whichever way because when things are so compact, you lose part of the personality of the flower and their natural movement fails to be seen.

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Day two was our Foraged Installation day. We went on location to a private estate, Lullwater, and would have a day of creating birch pole arbors. Though it may have been the most humid day ever, everyone was so excited to participate! Part of our “swag bags” was an actual foraging bag. We put those guys to use and chopped down anything we felt fit. After accumulating maybe two trees in our foraging bags, we pilled our findings next to all of the flowers in the field. It was so interesting to see how the three groups all chose a different color palette. Some more soft and one filled with richer color. We encouraged them to not look at one anothers for the time being and it was so inspiring to see the uniqueness.

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Once they were all complete, we had a mini photo shoot under each arbor as well as with their bouquets. We have learned over the years that having a great portfolio is extremely important. We were thrilled to have gorgeous gowns from The Sentimentalist, Claudia Mejerle for hair and makeup and of course Sawyer Baird for documenting.  We could have asked for a better group of girls and it feels as if we have learned just as much from them. Collaborating and surrounding yourself with like minded people only allows positive personal growth. We can not wait to see where their businesses go and how their style with only continue to flourish

 Upcoming Workshops with Amy Osaba

|Mini Workshops|

November 17, 2014 | Bouquet, Bouts, and Crowns

November 18, 2014 | Large Scale Centerpieces

For more information on upcoming workshops by Amy Osaba, visit


Vendor Love

Venue: AO Studio and Lullwater Estates  |  Dinner + Lunch: Sun in my Belly   |   Calligraphy: Ink and Honey Julia
Hair + Makeup: Claudia Mejerle Rogers   |   Dresses: The Sentimentalist – Carol Hannah + Winifred Bean
Photographer: Sawyer Baird   |   Vintage Rentals: Blue Eyed Yonder

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