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Advertising with The Bridal Theory is more than simply placing an ad on a page.  Advertising with the Bridal Theory is becoming family and friend.   We are a passionate community of artists dedicated to creating the best possible experience for our clients.  Together we collaborate, inspire, grow, and encourage.  The Bridal Theory values our vendor recommendations and the trust given to us by our readers and it is with this in mind that we thoroughly screen each company to make sure they are a perfect fit.

There are many options available for advertising including blog and print ads, sponsored posts, directory listings, and becoming a Bridal Theory Curated Vendor, the ultimate honor in the wedding industry.  Benefits to becoming a Curated Vendor include directory listings, social media promotions, event promotion, priority features, listing in our print directories, cameos, and much more!

Please contact us for information on advertising or admission to the Curated Vendor family.

logo-small-01 Photography by Jessica Scott, J. Bird Photography