“Our Theory:  Wedding planning should be full of joy and beauty.”


It is with passion and enthusiasm that we bring The Bridal Theory to brides and vendors around the world.  Our goal for couples is a beautiful and joyous experience planning their special day,  surrounded by top notch vendors and experts in the wedding industry.  For vendors, The Bridal Theory is one part cheerleader, one part publicist, and one part best friend.


From the Curator

“My heart is so full right now, as I sit on the edge of my seat anticipating the launch of this beautiful new adventure.  So many talented artists have reached out and lent a hand in the most wonderful outpouring of support for The Bridal Theory and what we are bringing to the international wedding community.  It is my goal that each person who is involved with The Bridal Theory will experience this same outpouring of support and encouragement in their own lives and businesses.  It is with this in mind that we truly aim to create a COMMUNITY.   So much more than a name in a directory! A source of inspiration for when you are struggling.  A source of encouragement when you are exhausted.  A place to celebrate when you succeed.  New friends, fellow brides, and colleagues in every corner of the world.  So thank you.  Thank you for allowing me to share my theory with you.”  – Amanda  

Amanda Evaul - The Bridal Theory2

Photography by Rachel May Photography